Kind of Moved In

One million boxes to go, and new places to find for everything. But we are at least sleeping n our new place now. No clue where the silver ware is, but I am sure we will find that too.

Vince loves running up and down the stairs and he loves the new big bath tub. Sleeping in his new much bigger room – not a hit yet. He went to bed at 10 (w us) and then I carried him to his own bed around mid night. then he woke up a few hours later and would not sleep alone in his bed, so I went in and slept there with him till 6 this morning. Tired to say the least, but happy we are moved in. kind of at least. Pictures will come when I find the camera…

2 Responses

  1. Låter som mina nätter…Skönt att ni flyttat in ordentligt. Nu ska det bara packas upp och organiseras också. Lycka till!

  2. Fniss… lilla gubben – klart det är lite läskigt med nytt stort rum.
    Och jag tycker definitivt att du ska hem direkt idag o leta rätt på kameran – för jag är ju världens mest nyfikna. 😉

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