New Family

Yesterday we finally met the newest member of the family. Vincent’s cousin Tobias was born in March, but we just made it there yesterday in time for Tobias christening. It was a small gathering, and that was probably a good thing. Vince is not so used to sitting still so as it was only close family he was OK, I think… There was no crying or screaming during the ceremony at least, even though he did explore pretty much the whole church.

Maria, Wolfgang (Bs brother) and Tobias

Vince being introduced to Tobias

Bribe trick number 1: The lollipop (worked for about 2 min)

Bribe trick number 2: Sitting with Opa pretending to read the psalm book (worked a few minutes)

Bribe trick number 3: Emergency Car kit containing helicopter and jeep (lasted for 5 min)

Bribe trick number 4: Reading someone else books (lasted for some time)

The actual christening, Vince is out of focus as he is running at the speed of light.

BUT as a reward, Vince fell asleep right before the dinner, and slept through the whole meal. Mom and dad enjoyed 2.5 hours of uninterrupted eating, talking and hanging out with the others while Vince snoozed in his ride.

Of course, there was no end to his energy after that power nap. Here he is trying someone’s shoes on.

Sharing toys/snacks with cousin Gina

He knows he is a lot faster without socks on…

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  1. LOL! Your kid is super fun! I love it! GREAT pictures C!

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