Re-naming the kid Emil

After that little morning outing yesterday we went home and napped for a good 2 hours. Once awake and as alert as ever we decided to go to the strawberry field nearby and pick some fresh strawberries for our dinner with friends in the evening. So we started to prepare. Vince was mildly appreciating having to put on some clothes after having run around in the heat commando. So to distract him, we let him play with the basket we were going to put the strawberries in while getting him dressed. He decided to put it on his head. Then when he did not like that anymore he tried to take it off. Forget it. The thing was stuck. B and i tried to somehow twist and turn it to get it off his head, but no way, the basket was stuck on his head. Just like Emil having had the last drop of the soup. So, there was only one thing to do )by now Vince was screaming and panicking inside the basket) so B went and got some serious clippers and clipped him out of there. Bye-bye Omas nice, handmade basket…

Not so happy after finally getting out of that basket…

Yum, strawberries!

Yuck, green stuff!

3 Responses

  1. Vilken buse! Kanske dax att förnya karriären igen och skriva barnböcker?

  2. Dom hittar på en sån massa bus dom där små. Min son lyckades klämma fast sig själv i grinden till trappan igår…Pojkar!

  3. Sötnöt!!
    Vilken rolig historia för familjen men jag förstår om Vince nojjade rejält-fast i en korg..Längtar nu efter min pojke som har testat pappa i snart 7 veckor;-)Nyttigt!!

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