Think Positive

The good thing about having an early bird in the family is that by 8.30 when Vince was already having ice cream in the garden, and decided to take a backward fall in to the asphalt surface, back head first, there were only two people ahead of us in the emergency room. Every thing is OK. We did an x-ray to make sure no bleeding or that he did not crack his skull. Vince was as wild as ever and after only an hour we were back on the road to home. Watching for signs of sleepiness or that he starts throwing up or in other ways acting unlike himself.

6 Responses

  1. HOLY SMOKES! SOO glad to hear he is o.k but I think my heart just skipped a beat. Ok, and now smiling at your post. And you. Ahhh, somehow it seems a typical day, or is that just me?

    HUGS and get well wishes to V. Are you breathing?

  2. Men lille Vince då! Hoppas han mår bra och att han tar det lite lugnt resten av dagen.

  3. Vilken tokmört han är! Hoppas ni mår bra nu. Kram.

  4. Men Vince då! Det går så snabbt ibland. Man hinner knappt reagera. Hoppas inte bulan är allt för stor utan att han kan hålla balansen på kudden och sova till kl 05 i alla fall.

  5. Fy så hemskt…men vilken tur att det gick bra!

    Stackars lille Vinceprinsen…Hoppas att det fortfarande är bra och att natten har gått lugnt..
    Krama han från oss, Mia

  6. oh no! Glad he’s ok!

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