Not an Easy Job

When I picked up Vince from day care today, we got a big envelope with the pictures they took a while back.  I feel a bit sorry for whoever this photographer was, I mean, for 2 years in a row we have had the wonderful opportunity to have our family pics taken by the fabulous Conny Wenk. Our Christmas pics have been shot by an other children’s photographer in town, who gets to store all her camera equipment in my store over night, while she is doing all the Santa pics outside my store. She is ggod, although no Conny.

So I was curious to see how the day care photos turned out.

Needless to say, there was no way in the world he would be able to capture the moment like Conny does, but I had some hopes. I mean his job is to take pics of kids all ages.
The pics are pretty bad. Not awful, just below average. He does smile in some pics, but how about making sure that his glasses are ON his face and not hanging on his nose tip as a professor’s?

They are not that expensive, and I do feel a bit guilty if I do not buy them. I mean, who does not buy there kid’s first set of  ‘school photos’? Do you have to buy them – I am talking morally here? Am I the lousiest mom on earth otherwise? Input please?

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  1. You’re of course not a lousy mom if you don’t buy below average pictures of your son. I have awful pictures of myself from kindergarten/school, don’t like them and would not miss them. The photographer should feel guilty making lousy pictures!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Haha, klart du ska köpa dem! Det är ju sånt ni kan sitta och skratta åt sen när han blir lite äldre, typ “kolla vad du seeeer ut, Vince! HAHAHA!”. Han kommer hata er för det, men iaf. ;0)

  3. Jag håller med Alexandra. Köp dom och skratta gott åt dom när han blir äldre.

  4. Neeeej! Sorry Alexandra och Miriam men jag tycker inte du ska köpa. Jag ville inte köpa Eskils första av samma anledning, de var helt enkelt inte bra. Jag visste att de bara skulle bli liggande för när man väl köpt dom kan man knappast slänga. DÅ är du en dålig mor =). Men, anhöriga ville gärna ha kort så jag lät mig övertygas och nu ligger de bara och skräpar.

  5. Like you said, you have CONNY WENK taking your son’s photo! He is on the COVER OF A BOOK!

    Don’t buy them. I wouldn’t.

  6. That’s like the mom who told her daughter alwas to wear the gumboots if they go outside in Kindergarten.

    And then the pictures where taken outside. And the girl heard about her mother – the only kid on the pictures with best dress and gumboots! 😉

    Perhaps I would buy one. Just to laugh about it later on…

  7. We don’t buy the school photos as they’re not half as good as the ones we take ourselves.

    Perhaps if there’s a class shot – then Vince can point out his friends, but other than that, no way. Don’t feel emotionally blackmailed!

  8. I didn’t buy Orion’s first ‘school’ photos (at the preschool, like Vince’s) because they were terrible and included Orion’s ugliest teddy bear. I have enough photos of him which are really good, which capture the essence of Orion, without needing to buy someone else’s second-rate stilted, staged attempts at shooting my boy. 🙂

  9. I buy just one 8×10 print from each year, and keep them in their own album. The background and lighting is the same every year, so it is easy to see the change in my child, even if the expression on the face is not true.

  10. You are such a SWEETHEART!!!!! Lov’ ya!!!!!! *mwah*
    Like Kim said, I would probably buy one just for memory’s sake. I bought the whole CD from Juliana’s school photographer … I am always curious how others “see” my daughter.

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