Rush Rush Rush!

Life never gets dull around here. As said, B is in Korea. My employee had an opportunity to go to New York for a week, and she always jumps in to work for me when I need to be off, we worked it out between baby sitters, grand parents etc so she could go – and I am working her shifts too.

So this morning we got up bright and early (as usual 5,10 that is – the kid is like a clock), and by 6,15 we were on the hour long way to Bs parents. Vince is spending the night there and tomorrow they bring him back to Graz. Well prepared on time, I thought, as I had to open my store at 9,30, we had plenty of time. Scrap that. Road work after road work after road work and around 8,30 we pulled in at Bs parents house. Stress to get the car seat out, Vs stuff, explain a few things and then trying to understand which way Bs dad meant I could take instead of going the Autobahn and off I went again. I made it almost on time…

So tonight I am home all alone, and I have the opportunity to sleep through the whole night and to set the alarm, just a tad later than 5 am. Still I will miss my little V-man like crazy. Yesterday he was sitting outside eating a popsicle and waving to me  as I turned up our drive way. Sweetest thing ever!

Our ST would be proud to see that Castillo-Morales mouth!

I know, against the light, but he is getting SO big. I can’t believe it!

4 Responses

  1. How adorable!!! I think he really likes that popsicle.

  2. he is sooo darn cute!!!!!

  3. I hope you slept well and had a long sleep!

    I look at your pictures and can not believe how big V is – which means Sam is right there as well.
    Love the pucker!

    How many more days until B comes home…?

  4. He IS getting big!! He has totally lost that toddler look, and looks like a little boy!!


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