No Fear

We had a long weekend and so much fun! No tantrum, just a lot of laughing and it was so refreshing not having to argue. We both loved it. Now the countdown to B returning has begun, just a few more days…

Sunday we ventured to Schloss Eggenberg and my child has no fears whatsoever for the pea cooks that most often scares little kids away. Hissing and making their pea cook sounds, did not stop him from wanting to get closer. Mom did though . Therefore, no close up pea cook picture.


4 Responses

  1. Oh those great days when arguing is at a minimum are wonderful, aren’t they?! A nice break from the seemingly constant battle with a three year. :O)

    I think we used to have some aggressive peacocks around our home too. My grandmother used to threaten to catch one and cook it for dinner! Good for V for sticking his ground. You must be exhausted and ready for some company and help-

    Not much longer..Hang in there!

  2. What a beautiful place to live. Rustin has no fear either.

  3. looks like fun!!!

  4. Heter det inte onbird? *haha* Fy fasiken, läskiga varelser är det i alla fall… Låter som ni haft en supermysig dag trots att pappsen inte är hemma. Men snart så!

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