Signing and Stuff (ramblings….)

B is in Korea again. For two weeks this time. Four days into his trip this momma is exhausted. Vince is def trying to test his boundaries, and he is about to win. He is still a HORRIBLE sleeper – wakes 4-6times at least a night (sits up, cries, wants his pacifier, lays down, goes to sleep), tantrums if you turn the wrong Bob (the Builder) on and prefers ice cream for breakfast. So yesterday, I cancelled his therapy in the morning, figuring that it would be more trouble than it would be worth… The next opening is on June 18th, so when I heard that I felt guilty for not sucking it up. But I was just too tired. I think it was better for all parties involved that way anyways.

But this morning was wonderful. He woke up 2 times before midnight, and then around 2 in the morning he came crawling up to me in bed, gave me a kiss and placed himself in the nose-to-nose position he prefers, grabbed my hand and fell a sleep. In the morning, there was only one tantrum (NO CINI-MINI cereal…) and the rest was a delight. It makes such a difference. He also signed along really well today and added a lot of signs I did not know he knew/understood. PLEASE and THANK YOU are still hard to get ut of him, but words like EXPLORE, IMAGINATION, OWL, SKUNK, BACK YARD all worked just fine (yep, Signing Times volume 8, The Great Outdoors was running on repeat).

I actually took away all his DVDs that are not Signing Times. He likes to pick out what he is watching during breakfast, and he was surprisingly fine with just having ST instead of Bob the Builder or Fireman Sam or Bamse. Definitely a lot more interaction.

He is still not signing much 2 word sentences, but I think it is more that B and I need to get better at that. But it gets hard as he picks up on the signs so easily, and we stumble with them. If I just had two more hours in the day… Just two…

2 Responses

  1. Wow! GO V with signing! explore? imagination..? wow! I will trade you the please and thank you’s for those ;o)

    Hang in there C! Wish we were closer and we could watch your little man and give you a little rest.

  2. Hello! Your little guy is super cute! He could be the older brother to my John Michael. We’ll need to try Signing Time.

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