Just Staying Busy

Oh I LOVE this time of year! Nice and warm and every weekend is filled with a new BBQ, with friends and lots of out door time! Last week we went to a sports festival in the city and then to a BBQ at almost-Swedish-Kathrin’s place, and tomorrow we are heading over to Carro’s for an afternoon of fun.

Heading for bagels and smoothies with best friends Lea and Lucia. That is Vince, that upside down kid who would prefer running straight into the street…

Refusing to admit he is tired, signing AWAKE with his eyes closed.

On the diaper front: Vince is completely without diapers during the day, and it is NICE just bringing an extra pair of pants in case, instead of the whole diaper bag.

4 Responses

  1. I love that he’s signing awake, with closed eyes. So cute!

  2. AWESOME- Go Vince! Umm, want to come and PT my guy..? PUHLEEAASSEE 🙂

  3. wooo hoo on the potty training!! i am being lazy about it even though mayson goes on it whenever i put her on the potty!… call me bad mommy

  4. Haha, visst är de roliga!? “Näää, jag är inte alls trött, jag bara vilar ögonen lite…”

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