More Birthday Pics

On Tuesday we had Vince birthday party for his buddies. We had rented a jumping castle, and don’t you know it, after 1 hour it started to rain. Really bad. Like the worst storm of the year… Nothing to do but take it down. But Vince was more than pleased to play inside anyways. Here are the last birthday pics from this year:

Vince and Alex going down the slide

Cool, I ran into a chick, cute Jona.

More jumping with Alex

And falling with Erik

Vince was not that into blowing out the candles, so he had a substitute fill in and do it for him. It is supposed to be a snake cake. (I guess he missed that Eva has taken his favorite instrument…)

One very cool little suitcase delivered by bike messenger and filled with a Dora DVD. Thanks Lea and Lucia!

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us. And thank you for all presents and all congratulations!

One Response

  1. I’m so glad he had a good day, except for the rain, I guess. Happy Birthday Vince!!

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