Atlas Axis X-ray?

DS parents, or those with experience: when you had the neck x-ray done to make sure the atlas and axis part of the neck was Ok on your child, did you have an oral x-ray done too? The x-ray dr told me they needed it from three different angels?

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  1. Braska just had her atlantoaxial xray this week at Children’s. They said they sometimes take 3 views, to include the oral one, but not usually until later, taking just the two external views most often since it is hard to get a good clear oral view at age 2 or 3. With Braska’s oral aversions, there would have been NO way.

    • Thanks for the quick answers.
      Yes that is what they told us too, that it takes three views to get a total ‘clear’.
      We are most likely doing it next Thursday so we will see how it goes, I have my doubts about the oral aversion.

  2. we had it done a few weeks ago and there were external pics taken… hadn’t heard of the oral one. i was amazed at how still livia was able to be… and of course, while we waited for some general feedback, she had fun checking out the xray machines.

  3. We has it done at 15 weeks just before Joe has heart surgery. Haven’t done it since. I am sure there wasn’t an oral xray.

  4. Här röntgar man inte alls. Vår läkare sa att det var så ovanligt med nackproblem. Vet du vad det är för problem man kan ha?

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