We had Vince 3 year check up today. That was no pleasure. Or the check up itself was good, but the waiting room. OMG.
I knew we were going to do the regular bloodtests, so as usual they asked that he should drink as much as possible. V-man does not like drinking on cue, so to get him to, I brought mineral water (with bubbles) as he loves that. Packed it up well in his little bottle with a straw, where the soft straw folds over.
In the waiting room Vince was a pain in the bu**. A serious such.Simply not listening, or behaving whatsoever. So i decided to try with the snacks. Knocked those over in less than a milli-second. Up with the bottle, opened it up and sprayed 3 other parents in the waiting room due to shaken up bottle… Guess how popular we were? All other kids sitting perfectly still and just watching the drama with us.

Well, well. Lovely. At least the appointment went well. Speech is where we are way behind, but that was no news to us. He has grown and gained weight, and she was very impressed with the diaper free Vincent who put on his charm for the doctor. Till it was time for the drawing the blood. He HATES being held down. Three adults holding him down, while trying to get 5 pipes of blood. But we succeeded on that too, so now we are just waiting for the lab to get back.

After the Dr’s visit I went home and took a shower, I was sweating like after having run a  marathon. The joys of parenthood.

5 Responses

  1. You poor thing! At least he gave you something to blog about!! Hopefully all his tests come back great! Em is furthest behind in her speech too….I’m sure once they START talking, we will wish they had waited a bit longer!!

  2. makes me sweat just thinking about it!

  3. Sounds like our trips to the doctor. The only difference would be that Joe will have an “accident” right after we proudly announce that he is potty trained.

  4. Puh… det låter svettigt värre!
    Du får ta med en clownnäsa nästa gång och sätta på honom…. så kanske det blir lite roligare. 😉 Skönt att det gick bra hos farbror doktorn!

  5. Som du själv skrev, de andra föräldrarna satt säkert o tänkte “shit, va skönt att just min unge uppför sig idag”. det får man bjussa på ibland! Skönt att han gick igenom kontrollen! ;0) Kram.

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