O Happy Day

I got to work at 9.15 am, and I open 9.30.
A customer wants to come in immediately and exchange something. I tell him we open in 15 minutes. At 9.30 I open the door and the man (grandfather in this case) yells at me for a good three minutes for me beings o rude and not letting him in early. Loud and clear, to the point where the store manager from next door comes and looks to see what the he** is going on. I just smiled and exchanged the shoes for the size he needed.

Customer two comes in, unhappy about the zipper on a bag she bought. I tell her I will exchange it, but as Friday is a holiday it may take till Monday. Too long. I say she can do it on her own and bring me a receipt and I will reimburse her? No. GAH. In the end I keep the bag (I had no replacement in that color and will now have it fixed).

Customer three walks in. Throws a binder on the cash register and pulls out a receipt. He asks:
Who bought these shoes, and he is not happy.
The receipt shows a shoe purchase from April 4th, paid with cash.
I tell him that I have no way of knowing that, it was a cash purchase. Turns out, the man is also MAD (in more ways than one), apparently someone had placed the bag with the new shoes on top of his car, and forgotten it there. And his car had somehow been scratched in the procedure from the shopping bag??? Now he wants to find this customer and make them pay…
He leaves his number, and tells me he wants to chat to those people if they call.
I tell him that til now, no one has called asking for that pair of shoes, and it was almost 4 weeks ago.

That was my tip top morning. How about yours?

(Side note: Vince is still doing really good with his potty training,s o we are sticking to no more diapers during awake time).

8 Responses

  1. Jag säger bara;jisses:-)Vad är det med människorna runt i din omgivning?Graz-sjuka?;-)
    Kul att hänga med Österrikare;-)Hoppas dagen blir bra mycket bättre och vad duktig prinsen är!!

  2. well, i forgot to put out my little box for the milkman AGAIN this morning… a pretty lame complaint compared to your morning. and can you believe there is even a milkman at all?? with our family of milk inhalers, it sure makes shopping easier (…we also order cheese and yogurt and oj and cream…) switzerland is cool for many reasons- that’s one of them. your day is sure to get better. keep smiling! xx

  3. Hahaha, vilken idiotmagnet du är! ;0)

  4. I hear ya and will drink a cup of coffee just for you! What is up with starting the day with rudeness? seems to set the day for an unpleasant day all the way around.
    Way to go Vincent!! What a big boy keeping himself dry!! The last two days have been a blur over here and I have a feeling we will be starting from square one with PT… 😦
    Hang in there. Isn’t the weekend just around the corner??

  5. Med en sån morgon kan ju dagen bara bli bättre och bättre…får amn hoppas…

  6. dang.. some people are so so rude. i hope you have a better day…
    yeah on the potty training!! woo hooo!

  7. I remember witnessing interactions like this when I visited Germany and Austria. Although there is so much I love about those countries, and the people, I was startled by the impatience and intolerance that many seemed to have when they were shopping. It was as if it was a horrible burden to shop, and that the shopkeepers were to be suspected of cheating you, and that verbal abuse was totally acceptable.

    I am sorry that you got a triple dose this morning. I used to work retail and I have some “war stories” of bad customers, but I never had three in one day!

    Keep your sunny spirit — think of all the children who have healthy feet because of your efforts to sell such good shoes!

  8. whoa. CRAZINESS!!!! Hope the rest of the week is better!

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