Day 5 & 6

He is definitely getting the hang of this! He had one accident with pee on Wedensday, but on Thursday he asked his Ergo therapist to go pee during his session! So yesterday dry all day long.

7 Responses

  1. JIPPIE!!!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like he was ready to do this…aren’t you glad you decided to start? It’s definitely time-consuming and a big pain, but oh, how I dream of a diaper-free day!

    Evan’s doing about the same…some days no accidents, other days, one or two. He’s starting to ask to go, but it’s pretty subtle and you really have to be paying attention. He seems to almost do better at school or out in public than he does at home.

    How do you like that Baby Bjorn potty seat insert? I hate the kind we have so was thinking about getting one of those instead. We haven’t been using a small kid potty, and I don’t want to start that, so we need some sort of insert. Preferably one that’s easy to clean (the one we have is NOT).

  3. Duktiga Vince!

  4. You give me strength to continue.. Sam has been using the sign for potty but still has a couple of incidents. Seems to also do much better at school. We do have Pull-Ups but I thought underwear was the way to go- Hmmm..I am definitely more inclined to get him back in Pull Ups for right now.
    GREAT progress V!

  5. Yeay Vince!

  6. Awesome! Yay Vince!

  7. SOOOOOO awesome!

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