Day 4

He did have one accident yesterday, during his 90 min EI session in the morning he wet his pants. But the rest of the day he stayed dry, including the whole day at day care. I even took him to the grocery store for a good hour after I picked him up and he did not wet his pants. I was feeling a  bit insecure about that, but he excelled.

To track back a bit, we actually started putting Vince on the potty around Christmas. We got the Baby Björn potty, it is nice with the higher back rest, he can sit on there for a long time watching TV without wanting to get off it.


In the beginning he just sat there. Soon he started to pee on there. We always celebrated big, with jumping around, shouting hurray and making a big deal out of it. He also got M&Ms/candy/crackers every time he went.

As soon as he woke up in the morning, we got up straight away, removed his diaper, turned the TV on and sat him on his potty with some crackers in a cup. He almost always peed then.

Same thing before bath time, bringing the potty into the bathroom and as he heard the water run for his bath, he almost always peed on the potty.

As for poop, my kid is a kid of habit and he only goes in the afternoon/evening. So it has been rather easy to figure out when he needs to go. A lot of times this coincides with bath time, so we keep an eye on him and lift him out of there in time.

Yesterday we also got him the Baby Björn toilet seat that fits on top of the big toilet. He likes that. Now he does not fall down into the toilet anymore…This morning he was sitting on there reading dad’s car magazine and going about his business.


And as for added bonus: he FORGOT he had his glasses on yesterday when I picked him up from day care. He kept them on till we came home from the store. We had his glasses adjusted on Monday and we ended up putting the smallest things of those things that wrap around his ear on, usually used for babies, and these fit a lot better. Now his glasses do not move down his nose all the time.
So here he is my wild-child. He ate two bananas in the store, some Salami and a cracker and then he started biting into the head of lettuce.

In Austria no one bags for you, and they only use one ‘lane’ at the cash register, so you have to be mega fast and put all the things straight back in the shopping cart, otherwise the cashier lady and the rest of the line starts giving you the look. So hurry hurry and then bag it all when you get to the car seems to be the idea. Not quite sure, have not figured the exact logistics out yet.

6 Responses

  1. Haha! No one bags for you in Sweden either as far as I know, but at least all the grocery stores (except for the “on the corner-ones”) have more than one lane! Please keep us updated on this one!

  2. Måste vara härligt att åka och handla en kall, blåsig och regnig vinterkväll då, om man ska stå ute i vid bilen och packa ner i påsar…

  3. LOL! GOOD JOB Vincent! And how handsome he looks with his glasses on…
    I can just picture him on the toilet in the morning with Daddy’s paper saying ” hello Mommy, did you sleep in today?”..

  4. Vad bra det går!!!!!!! Nästan för bra 😉
    Elvira gillar inte pottan längre. Hon brukade vara regelbunden med nr 2, också vid badet, men de tiden är förbi.

    Vi tänkte starta seriöst i sommar. Här får man blöjor av landstinget när barnet fyllt tre. Men det skulle ändå vara skönt att slippa dem.

    Hur har det gått med dagis och den där personen du skulle hitta?


  5. Vad duktig han är. Här ska vi börja boot camp när Mormor kommer och hälsar på, med nya fina flickunderbyxor. För det kan man ju inte vara utan!

  6. Haha, i Tyskland kör de också med den där varianten i affären. Man måste springa och lägga i varorna allteftersom kassörskan blippar förbi dem annars får man onda ögat av de som står efter en i kön.

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