Day One Results

I am VERY excited to announce that there was not a single accident ALL day long! When I came home, he was still weringt the same clothes as when I left! I then gave him a bath and he got OUT to do #2 on the big potty. Wow. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

3 Responses

  1. YAY VINCENT! Awesome! … tomorrow is my day to buy big boy Spidey underwear as well. We are doing the same though in the beginning stages. I have to say, my “behind” is a little sore from sitting on the floor and singing ALL the songs we know while Sam sits on the big potty and looks at me as though I have lost my marbles..
    Lead the way Vincent-we are right behind you cheering for another successful potty day!


  2. Heja Vince!

  3. Haha, att en bajs på rätta stället kan göra mamma så glad! ;0) Way to go, Vince! ;0)

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