Easter Recap

B is in Korea, he just left yesterday and as on cue, the DVD player broke. One very miserable kid had to watch Bob the Builder on the small DVD player we otherwise use in the car. Today I went on the mission of trying to find a new code free DVD Player (one that plays movies fr Europe and USA i.e code 1 and code 2). There was exactly one player to pick… A lot poorer I can head home with a superduper DVD player.

As of Easter, it was Oh so nice to have two days off in a row together with V-man and B-man. We took it very easy and let other people cook for us.

In Austria it is actually the Easter Bunny that comes with the Easter eggs (did he steal them?) and sometimes a small present. Vince did not believe any of that though, and clearly signed DEER when it was time to go on his hunt.

Check that out! The bunny left eggs!


Checking out the boy-toys with dad

That kid is turning THREE in just a few weeks! (no clue why he is signing horse, does he mean me?)

Watching TV and eating Easter candy.

On a total side note: Vince is sitting in ‘typical’ (to me) DS position in this pic. The feet are resting on each other. When I just found out Vince had DS, and I saw a few pics of kids with DS sitting like that I made it a mental point to neverlet my kid sit like that. I know, very important, and very ‘deep’ thought. A while back I realized that he sits like that a lot, and I just had to laugh at myself for my prior priorities.

My Vince!

8 Responses

  1. Ah Vince. You are so cute.

  2. Vad stor han har blivit. Jag fixade med vår scrapbook från 2007 i söndags och gjorde bl.a. sidorna från när vi var och hälsade på. Både Vince och Liam var så små. Och när Melia ser en bild på Vincent nu ropar hon glatt “Vixen” Såg minsann sessans lilla nuna där i bakgrunden på en av bilderna. Kommer snart uppdaterade bilder på båda barnen…Vad önskar sig Vince i födelsedagspresent?

  3. Fantastic photoes. Three! My the time has passed quickly.

  4. Söt som socker, as always. Skrattade också gott åt din kommentar om att ALDRIG låta honom sitta med fötterna så… hur många ggr har man inte sagt innan man fick barn att man ALDRIG skulle göra si eller så om man fick barn? *hehe* Nu är man där…

  5. I can’t believe your sweet prince is almost 3!!! Where does the time go??? He is cute as can be! Love the pic of him signing and eating his easter candy 🙂 So happy you found a dvd player that works 🙂 Brady got a Bob the Builder DVD for Easter – he just adores Bobs of all sorts – the building kind AND the sponge kind 🙂

  6. My goodness Vince is getting so big and is as cute as ever!

  7. our boys are getting to be young men….Such sweet pictures. Thanks for posting.

    Thinking about you guys a lot lately – perhaps it is the time of year when their birthdays roll around…

  8. Vad stor och ljuvlig Vince är! Snart 3 år!
    Och det är verkligen så kul det där med vilka konstiga saker man får för sig att barnen aldrig ska få göra… Själv kunde jag inte förstå hur man kunde låta barnen ha tröjor med lite smuts på sig. Numera inser jag ju att tröjan per default blir smutsig bara man trär den över huvudet på barnet…

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