Picture Post

My attempt to stop the ants had limited success with pretty much everyone involved… But only 2.5 more months till we are moving, so I will survive (hopefully the ants won’t).

But anyways, it was a long time since I posted pics, so here are some from the last week:

Playing with Gustav in the sand box

en glad lus
New outfit from Mormor in Sweden (see his short uneven bangs…)

tufflus paväg t dagis
Off we go to day care! We are on the third year with that jacket.

Getting ready to go biking with Dad

Hurry up Dad!

Bye bye!

Easter candy, chips and chicks! Vince had a blast with Lea and Lucia.

Getting an Easter kiss –  or two hundred – Vince is really in to hugging and kissing.

7 Responses

  1. Så söööööt och håret är väl inte alls så kort som jag trodde… Underbara bilder och är det inte Carro jag skymtar i bakgrunden?

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love his bangs 🙂 Look just like Sam’s. 😉
    I actually invested in one of those trimmers (?)(mini) and thought I would use it and try at home to keep his hair short(!). Who knows what will come out of it.

    Happy Eastre to you all! Looks like the weather has been nice over there.

  3. Yes! I NEEDED some pictures! 🙂

  4. He is just so freakin’ cute. Gorgeous pictures!

    (I love that bonus of long-wearing clothes. We have some like that too. one upside to the slower growth, I say…)

  5. Flyttar? När, vart? Blev det hus ändå, eller?

  6. Jättesöta bilder och jag håller med, luggen såg finfin ut. Du har nog en dold talang där Kicki.
    Vart ska ni flytta? Till gamla Svedala måhända? 😉
    Hoppas ni haft en bra påsk i vilket fall!!

  7. Hey! We really want you and Vince to participate with the afghan project! We have no one in your country, plus, I adore you guys. Please consider participating. I would really like to have you! (Emmalee’s mom)

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