Who will Win?

Last night I noticed a trail of ants in the bathroom. Only in there. So i kind of (I think) figured out where they came from, and went into action. A little crack in the foundation. I covered it with tooth paste. We will see who notices first; ants or B who most likely would have fixed it some other way…

5 Responses

  1. Toothpaste??? HAHAHA! Vilket genialiskt move! Hps det fixar sig. “the ants go marching one by one, hurray-hurray”

  2. Åhh det ska jag prova i vår hall där de just nu tycks komma in i strida strömmar. Men det blir problem om de nu gillar tandkräm….Får nog undvika barnens lite sötare varianter.

  3. what a brilliant idea! would never have thought of that one…

  4. I’ve heard of people using toothpaste to fill in nail holes in walls too! 🙂

    My husband just recaulked the tub this week because of the stinkers! It’s working REALLY welL!

  5. We have ants, too, but we have no idea where they are coming from! I actually wish we had a trail of ants instead of just the random one here and there, all day long!

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