Cyber Date

On Sunday we had a irl date with the Jodling Viking-family (click). I don’t really remember how we met, but I think it was on an online forum where someone was looking for Swedish people living in Austria. Anyways, momma Viking is a pretty amazing woman. (if you cann’t read Swedish here is a short summary fr her blog: About a year ago she found out she had a cyst in her brain, that needed to be removed. ‘Only’ thing was, she was pregnant. Thankfully everything went well, and the little baby was born in November, healthy as could be. Recently she found out that the cyst has come back/started to grow and most likely further surgery is needed. Scary stuff, but Mrs. Viking is handling it all so well!)

So on Sunday Momma Viking, daddy Jodler, and big brother Gustav and little Livia drove down fr Vienna to visit us in Graz. I would say we hit it off immediately, and even Vince let Gurra throw dirt with him AND let him ride his bobby car. So we are def setting up a trip to Vienna soon and planning a new get together!
Pics will come when I find the cable…

2 Responses

  1. Hey, let me know when you’re in Vienna!
    You are welcome to visit us- in case you stay longer ! 😉

  2. Tack för att vi fick besöka er!!

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