Oh My-

Vince and I was out in the garden this afternoon. The weather was great, sunshine and +21c. V-man took a ride with the bobby car, tested the slide and the swings. To his delight, a gardener came by yesterday with a HUGE pile of dirt that is to be used in the garden. Vince ran up and down the dirt hill, getting dirtier and dirtier for each second, and simply being a kid.

All of a sudden he stands on top of the hill and laughs his little butt off. I look up, and start screaming. The kid is holding on to a SNAKE that is all bent around his little arm. Vince is laughing from delight. Mom is screaming her head off (I am petrified of ALL snakes). The neighbors who were also out came running after having half a heart attack from me screaming, ran up the dirt pile and released the snake. It was just some non-poisonous (whatever!!!) garden snake, but still… Mom needed a stiff drink to calm down, and son was put in the shower where he was scrubbed clean.

At his night time snack, I asked Vince to tell dad what he did outside. Vince signed car, snake, running and then laughed again so hard. He loved every second of that snake episode…

10 Responses

  1. We saw snakes at our field trip yesterday but thank goodness they were in an aquarium. I would have been freakin’ too. Boys will be boys!

  2. Usch-hoppas de är borta på söndag..jag avskyr dem och håller helt med dig..men,underbart är ändå beskrivningen av Lille Vs glada äventyr:-)

  3. LOVE this story. That pip!

  4. Usch och fy! Ormar är inga leksaker, vare sig de är giftiga eller inte. Blä! Tur att det var en harmlös liten rackare och inte en äcklig skallerorm som vi har här – som jag dock hittills sluppit se…Men det var ju bra att Vince hade så roligt…hrm…

  5. oh my is right! I would have been right there with you screaming my head off!

  6. Vilken lite hjälte!!! ;0)

  7. Å fy bövulen vilken mardrömsupplevelse. Blä för ormar, jag förstår ditt höga skrik!

  8. Jag hade också skrikit mig blå…. hu för ormar.

  9. !!!! No snakes.NOOOoo! I am with you C- hate snakes or anything resembling one.


  10. Vad duktig han är att återberätta!
    Ormar kan hålla sig borta, särskilt från barnen!

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