The Hair is Cut!

And it is short!
Mom (i.e me) managed to get ca 15 min of cut time while the son was busy ‘doing the dishes’ in the sink. Let’s just say that there is a reason I am not a hair dresser. It is short. Even very short in some places. I guess this years photo from day care will remind us of the charming times that was had by all.
I will update with the daycare pic, or a pic in 2 weeks or so, when it is a wee bit longer.

7 Responses

  1. Hi hi hi! Grattis till er båda! Eller alla tre förresten.

  2. LOL! I took the scissors to Sam’s head too the night before picture day and boy oh boy… at least it was more evenly short instead of what we left the hairdresser with. That was a calamity.
    I am sure V looks just fine and all boy! Poor Sam now has about an inch of hair sticking straight up as it has started to grow…very electric 😉

  3. Foto!Foto!Foto! 😉
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Hej,

    har just hittat hit. Vad kul att jämföra vilka möjligheter man har i ett annat land när man har ett funktionshindrat barn. Jag har själv en flicka med Downs och vi har fått ett erbjudande via min mans job om att flytta utomlands men tackade nej. Delvis pga osäkerheten kring henne. Nu kan det eventuiellt bli aktuellt igen och jag vill nu försöka ta reda på mer. Du är hjärtligt välkommen att läsa om oss på min blogg.

    Flisans mamma

  5. Men visa oss barnet nu då!!! Stackars livet, har blitt helt snaggad. Snaggad a la snut, eller? Men säkert lika söt som vanligt. ;0)

  6. haha. cant wait to see it!!!!

  7. Glad you made some progress on his hir. My son had major issues with haircuts for a couple of years. One trick we tried at the hair dresser’s was to allow him to play with the water in her shampoo sink while she cut his hair. What finally worked and turned the corner for him, was we found an old time barber shop with a large glass window overlooking a busy street. The barber sits him in the chair looking out the window and chats with him the whole time about every car that goes by. I was amazed at how well this old man worked his charm on my boy!

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