4th time is NO Charm by the Hair Dresser

So B took Vince to the hair dresser for a fourth try today. No luck.
Forget trying to bring the scissor even close to him, it was nothing else to do but to turn back and go home. Monday is photo day at day care, no biggie, but the kid has  not had a complete (remember about 75% was cut i January) since before Christmas.

It is to the point where day care reminds us that he needs a hair cut. [No sh*t?]. Apparently he lets his girlfriends play with his hair as much as they want to there. The comb, brush and put ponytails on him etc. If we just touch his hair… Tantrum…

So I found this article and I will give it a few tries. It is in Swedish, but here are some tricks that will be tried at home today/tonight:

1) Put a towel under him in the bed and try to cut it in his sleep [doubtful, the kid wakes easily….]

2) Let him stand on a chair in the kitchen and he can play with the water faucet/sink, while I attempt cutting his hair… [maybe, maybe… he does love water]

3) Cut a bit here and a bit there while he is in the bath tub [I might get a few snips out trying this one…]

4)Put him in his chair and a bowl of ice cream in front of him and cut till he realizes what I am doing [great chance this will get me somewhere…]

5) Let it grow…

Only time will tell where we end up on this one. Other ideas, GREATLY appreciated!

8 Responses

  1. Evan is at the hairdresser right now, even as we speak. With his daddy. I don’t do haircuts. 🙂

    That said, I have cut Evan’s hair before in front of the TV. But he’s one of those kids who is mesmerized by the TV. I like the ice cream idea…just make sure he doesn’t end up eating his own hair trimmings!

    Good luck!

  2. I say let it grow. He has gorgeous blonde hair. Let it grow!

  3. let his girlfriends at school cut it?

  4. Funnily enough, Orion was just at the hairdresser today. He’s 3 and a half and this was the first visit where he didn’t scream the place down and bluntly refuse to let the hairdresser anywhere near him. Today, he sat sweet and pliant and totally happy to let the “nice hairdresser lady” (his words) chop away. Maybe Vince will get better with it as he gets older?

    For the record, until today I was doing ‘just let it grow’. It won’t hurt a kid to have long hair; little girls get away with it so why not little boys? This has the added bonus of every time they moan when you comb it and hit a knot, you can remind them that if they have their hair cut, the knots will disappear and it won’t hurt any more. After nine or so months without a haircut, this approach seems to have worked on Orion, as the above story of today’s visit shows. 🙂

  5. Oh also: clippers are your friend. When Orion was wee I would strap him into the high chair and whizz over his head with them on a 25mm setting and it would take about three minutes. He still screamed and wriggled but you can’t mess up with clippers and it’s over so fast that it’s not too much of an ordeal.

  6. I did the tub thing and it worked great! he sat still and I was able to finish what the hairdresser started. I think I may just keep doing that every couple of weeks. Ugh!

  7. Vilken söt liten kille, och vilken bra familj han har!!! kram

  8. Klä ut dig till småtjej, smyg in på dagis, knö bort flickvännerna och sätt i gång! Eller?

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