Happy – Annoyed

Yesterday was a really good day. Vince and I headed up to Leoben to Leben, Lachen, Lernen – the DS Centre. Vince had a developmental evaluation that went really well. We got a few pointers on things to work on, but all in all it was very satisfactory.
AND I learned a lot about the system of kindergarten (day care).

Remember how we kept getting the suggestion to put him in the special needs day care? Turns out the city gets a FAT pay check or whatever you want to call it for each kid with a diagnose that goes there. And as if that was not enough, they also claim 80% of VINCENT’S Pfelgegeld (vardbidrag/ money we get per month because he has a diagnose don’t know what it is called in English). Yep, they claim if he is in the all day group, they do the major caring for OUR kid and sweep up a whopping 80% of that. I am SO mad about the flaky bureaucracy crap. (You have a problem with me saying that, come on call me, leave a comment, email me: I will show you what WE pay in tax, I will show you the people WE employ in my store and at home with baby sitting etc, you will NOT win this argument, that shiz is corrupt).

The good news is that I learned that there is something called a Kindergarten Assistant, basically an extra day care resource, that we have right to, based on disability, that would be with Vince in day care x hours per week. This person could also be (if we want to) the person that would follow Vince up into school age and go with him to school and help him out with some things there. Excellent!

So this morning I got on the fun journey of hunting down who is responsible for that in Graz. Each county (kind of) apparently has there own regulations etc, so it is not a state/country wide deal. So far I have called 5 places, been redirecting just as many times and they all say No, I have never heard something like that, but you should really put him in the special needs day care.

I am not giving up!
I will call and bother every single unit of the whole city till I find what I am looking for I love being a pain in the a** when it come to things for Vince…

To be continued…

14 Responses

  1. Go for it darling! Du är ju på rätt väg och GE DIG INTE!!! Säg till om jag ska hjäla till att ringa och skälla på nån. Jag kan låta jättearg på tyska. ;0)

  2. Du sa vad jag skulle säga, Alexandra. Ge dig inte, Kicki!!! Heja, heja, heja! Du vinner detta med.

  3. go girl!! (vince, you’re a lucky dude to have such a tough mama who loves you so much…) if you need a break, come visit us!

  4. that is great!

    Are there any parents you can ask? or teachers? anyone who’s been through it and might have inside info?

    anyway. You rock! Good luck with the search.

  5. hi christina,
    keep on fighting and keep us updated – i have never heard about that pflegegeld-deal, i wonder if we have the same crap in germany. we do have “pflegegeld” – but there is already a big fight about that in each family. i am curious – will have to ask other families around here.

  6. Stå på dig tills du får rätt!

  7. Heja heja dig! Det är precis detta som gör dig till den bästa mamman i världen. Många andra hade gett upp. Puss

  8. I know that assistance-thing. I live in germany and my sister did a voluntary social year after school and she went to Kindergarten with a little boy. I don’t remember, why he had this assistance (it was not DS) but with my sister he could go to a regulary Kindergarten and that organisation had also such volunteers for older kids to go to school with them. Of course, if you do that with such a voluntary social year-system, you have a change every year and I don’t think, that this is good for the kids. But it is better than a special needs day care.

    I hope you’ll find someone… Vince can be happy, that you fight for him!

  9. Lycka till!! Jag vet att du inte ger dig.

    När du kommit fram till rätt person får du gå ut med det i tidningen så att alla andra också kan ta del av den väl dolda rättigheten.

    Rättigheter håller inte byråkratin rätt på men skyldigheterna är de väldigt noga med. Tur att du har vana från Sverige.


  10. way to go girl. keep it up.. i have learned that here too we have to be our childs own advocate….

  11. YOU GO GIRL! Stay on it and eventually someone will cave in. Ridiculous the steps and perseverance we have to have for something like this.

    Sending you lots of energy and good vibes from hot SC. Keep us posted.

  12. It is not fair is it? But what can we do – that is the ugly side of parenting a child with ‘special needs’ – the lovely side is Conny’s book – It arrived yesterday and I LOVE it! Prince V and his papa look gorgeous – thank you (and them) for sharing such lovley inspirational and very cute moments with us! It felt so lovel to show the book to my DH and to say – see there he is – that’s Vince – his mum is a ‘virtual friend’ and a lovely inspriational person to me. – Now is babel or google the best translator from German to English?

  13. Det du beskriver är ju det som är så jobbigt med att ha fått ett specialbarn. Att behöva argumentera och slåss för rättigheter. Du verkar så grymt stark och jag vet efter att ha följt din blogg ganska länge nu att du är en fantastisk mamma! Och att Vince är en fantastisk pojke som givetvis ska ha rätt att gå på en vanlig förskola och skola om han vill!

    Ge inte upp! Ta kontakt med en journalist i värsta fall, ibland verkar lite skriverier sätta fart på en del tröga byråkrater.

  14. […] got our decision regarding day care last week. Remember, I wrote about it here and here? Vince is not allowed to stay where he is now. But we DO have an other day care space (which is a […]

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