The Blues

I just got Vince a harmonica today. And he loves it. He is sitting next to me playing and laughing. He loves that he creates the sound. Perfect training for at home (speech that is, forming the mouth and blowing is not that easy) and it sooths my guilty conscious for not doing enough on the pseech front for today at least.
So I figured a video of his very first attempt with his new instrument:

(Note to self: WHY did I wait so long getting him one??? It cost me €1,50, like $2….)

9 Responses

  1. Vincent is so super cute. I would take him immediately.

  2. Wow, he is just soooo cute! And I really adore your swedish cheering 🙂 You are such a great mum!

  3. Way to go Vince! I had Rustin sitting in my lap watching his video and he was just laughing and smiling.

  4. Snuffsepluffs vad han är söt och vad man som mamma står ut med för sina barns skull! Min son har en keybord OCH en elgitarr… Herregud. ;0)

  5. Hey Christina,
    where are his glasses? Not on his nose, I couldn´t see them. Maybe he wore them later :-). But he is really good in playing the harmonica…


  6. Such a funny little movie! Of course, I enjoyed Vince, but I also enjoyed your empowerment! Great!!! Juliana loves her harmonica, too! And it’s such a good instrument to train the motor skills around the mouth (ugh, was that correct?).
    On a side note: we went shopping yesterday and I wanted to buy Nicolas some Chucks (like Mommy like son, haha) – and then he said: “No, I want my zebra shoes back.” (Remember, the Vincent blue/white ones?) Wow, I was damn impressed. Normally, he doesn’t care at all about clothes and shoes 🙂
    Much love, Conny

  7. What a coincidence! I just bought Raphael a harmonica! 🙂 He’s still trying to figure out how to use it though. He blows but no sound yet from the instrument. Bravo Vincent!


  8. mayson keeps laughing and saying “wow”!!!

  9. What a GREAT job! Mycket bra 🙂

    I have had one around for months trying to get Sam intersted and nothing..until a couple of weeks ago he seriously started wanted to play with it ( ok, and I had forgotten we even ahd it..) but i thought the same..WHY did I not pull it out sooner? Our speech therapist said the same-GREAT exercise for them!

    WOO-HOO Vincent! I will have to play that for Sam tomorrow.

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