Relaxing Sunday

We went to Bs parents yesterday, and after a schnitzel lunch, B and Vince took a nap. After some relaxing, I headed to the bath tub and filled it up with nice smelling vanilla musk, got a book ready and got in. Just as it was all ready Vince came and wanted to join me, so in the bath tub he went. He was way too excited about the big bathtub to want to sit on the potty first. I swear, 2 min later he made a number 2 IN my bath. So much for that bath…

4 Responses

  1. must be the relaxing spring time…
    Felix did the same 2 times a few days ago- only difference: he was sitting ALONE in his bath…puhh, lucky me 😉

  2. LOL… boys! What in the world…

  3. Jag har också lyckats hålla mig ur badkaret vid dessa tillfällen, som peppar peppar var länge sedan nu.

    Nöden har ingen lag 😉

  4. Ha Ha! Lucky for me Hannah used to do that regularly – in the bath with her brother though not me!! Now I let her in with me because it hasn’t happened in a long time (unitl swimming last week but that was on the instructor (poor man!) ) even though I had to clean her up of course!

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