Those Glasses

He just won’t keep them on.
Yesterday I brought them to day care. When I came to pick him up at 4.30, he had the glasses ON! He had not made a single attempt to take them off all day long… Then we got to the car and he threw them off. But that is fine, if he keeps them on at daycare at least, that is a good start!

One Response

  1. That’s awesome that he left them on at daycare! It took a long time before we let Zoe wear her glasses in the car. She’d take them off immediately and start bending them and you can’t really grab the glasses while you’re driving – well, I can’t anyway. I really think boredom is the biggest enemy of glasses in a small kid. I think that’s why Zoe always took hers off in the car, and she definitely would whip them off if she got bored (or angry).

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