My Swedish Son

Vince is really funny now. I love spending time with him. He has gotten very snuggly lately, and loves to smack kisses here and there (including to the optician the other day). I also love that Vince eats like a true Swede.
B on the other hand is very skeptical to too much fish, caviar (which we eat like Americans eat PB and jelly) and the beloved ABBA fish balls. Vince and I shared a jar the other day with potatoes and peas. Vince ate 8 fish balls.

When Vince has been sick he can eat as many popsicles as he wants. Mainly to get him some fluids and sugars. But we are currently out of them, and they will be purchased only the next time he gets sick, or when summer comes. So instead, my kid goes to the freezer, opens it up and pulls out the box of fish sticks. He then takes one in each hand, goes to the TV, sits down and starts gnawing till B or I come and remove it, causing a big tantrum. I mean, even I find the frozen fish sticks a bit much. But at least he is getting his Omega 3s in!

Ps: Thank G for IKEAs Sweden shop.

4 Responses

  1. Oj vad osvensk jag kände mig nu då som varken gillar kaviar (Kalles då alltså, löjrom är ju gott) eller fiskbullar…Fast fiskpinnar går det ju åt en hel del även här, även om vi brukar steka våra först!

  2. Haha, han är ju underbar! 😀 Jhade en period när han käkade frusna grönsaker & bär men det har han tack & lov slutat med nu. 😉

    Och dessutom om du känner dig väldigt svensk så tycker jag att det vore trevligt om du införde söndagsöppet i ditt land… lite booooooooooring här kan jag säga.

  3. I just read about the day care desaster – so sorry there are so many insensitive and stupid people around. When reading your blog I’m always awed at all the things you do to help Vince improve, learn, grow… BESIDES being a successful store-owner and busy employee!!! Just amazing!! Don’t let some short-sighted “lady” drag you down. In my eyes, and I really mean it, the way you juggle everything is unbelievable. So I’m sure this one will work our nicely aswell!!

    And about Vincent’s cool specs: my neighour’s son (just turned 3) got some a couple of months ago, took her about 5 weeks to convince him to wear them…….

  4. Asså, jag vet inte det där med att äta som a true Swede… En sann svensk äter lösgodis och kebab. ;0)

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