The New Look

The glasses are here to Vince dismay. I have NO clue how to get him to keep them on. One thing seemed to work, but it is not the healthiest thing… Always keep something to eat in his hands so he does not have a free hand to remove the glasses with. We are also going back to get the glasses better adjusted tomorrow.
In defense of the child’s parents – this was after dinner and right before bath time, therefore, the not-so-very-clean face.

Watcha looking at?

Half a second later

Way better again.

(we do feed him real food, he just loves frozen peas right now)

10 Responses

  1. The glasses look awesome!! We have to fight the battle to we just keep putting them back on after we locate them some times. He like to put them in the cabinet, trash, etc.

  2. they DO look great on him! be patient! xx

  3. The ylook so great!

    frozen peas, really? We haveto get Vince to teach Georgia about new neat foods!

  4. He’s just adorable, as I knew he would be in his glasses. Braska said, “Glasses!!” and clapped. So she approves too. 🙂

    As far as training them to keep them on, we watched some videos and held her hands or clapped or something to keep her busy while watching something… hoping that she’d notice how much better she could see with them. I don’t know what worked best, but she did pretty well from very early on. We have cable temples (curve around the ear) so it helps too… but Braska was only 13 months when she got hers. I think it’s different when they’re old enough to do something about those darn things on their face! :o)

  5. Hälsa prinsen att han är jättefin i sina nya glasögon!

  6. Vilken snyggve!!!

  7. LOVE the glasses. He looks like a mini professor 🙂
    I finally bought those rubber thingies that go on the back of the glasses and I cut them to Sam’s head size so that he would not be able to pull them off- they also helped with the glasses being too big and constantly sliding down his nose. They stay on for hours now instead of 2.2 seconds.

  8. I couldn’t see the picture but I do have one suggestion for you that has worked for us. Lauren wears hearing aids and loves to pull them off…constantly. Someone recommended the pilot caps that Hanna Andersen sells – they work GREAT. They may not be as effective with glasses but it may get you through some part of the day.
    I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that my daughter doesn’t need glasses in addition to the hearing aids.
    I hope this helps and too funny about the frozen fish – I’ll remember that for a long time!

  9. […] Vince since I realised he was born on the same day as J. That and the fact that he is completely adorable. I always look out for updates from Christina as she is refreshingly honest and direct about […]

  10. He looks great in those glasses! It took my daughter about 2 weeks to finally leave her glasses on (she was 14 months when she got hers). We tried to do whatever possible to distract her as soon as we put her glasses on. The other thing we did was try to stay positive without making a huge deal out of the glasses. No matter how frustrated I was at her not wearing them, or how scared I was that she would break them, we tried to keep smiling and just put them back on her face when she took them off. When she got angry, we’d set them aside for 5 – 10 minutes and then try again. It’s frustrating, but eventually they get used to them, especially once they realize they see better with their glasses.

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