GAH #3 this week

Vince is doing OK. He is fine during the day and in the evening the fever comes crawling. But he is eating and drinking. The nose keeps running, but in general he seems to be better.

But. Then to the GAH.
Tuesday afternoon when I came home the security-lock-extra-thingie we have on the balcony door was on the floor. I know 100% I closed it on Monday night as Vince and I waved bye bye to Grandma and Grandpa from there.
I forgot to ask the baby sitter about it, but asked her on Wednesday. Nope she had not even used that door all day.
Wednesday evening my neighbor came over and asked if we were Ok after Monday night?
Apparently at 2 in the morning, the neighbor’s dog went crazy barking. Woke him up and he looked out to see a man standing there kicking our balcony door. So he opened the window and screamed WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
The man ran off, and our neighbor was pretty sure we had woken up form the sound, so he went back to bed. I usually wake up from everything, but I slept through that…
Luckily the guy got scared, because he had already kicked so hard he had broken the security lock and all four closing mechanisms in the lock in the door. So basically you just had to touch the door to open it.
This I realized on Wednesday evening.

The house next to ours had 2 break ins that night…

Thankfully Bookies mom and dad came to watch Vince yesterday and Grandpa fixed the whole door.

Did I mention that B is in Korea this week?
How come he always misses out on all the action?

6 Responses

  1. Låter som highlife det där… det har varit flera inbrott i våra kvarter också och jag tycker det är läskigt. Speciellt när dom går in typ 18 på kvällen när dom flesta är hemma. Vet inte vad jag hade gjort om någon kommit in och man varit ensam hemma… fy bubblan. Hoppas det reder upp sig med lillkillen! Kram

  2. oh my goodness! Thank god for your neighbor!!!!

  3. oh no!! I am so glad he didnt get in!! wow. that is scary!!!!

  4. I would be so creeped out! I’m glad he didn’t stop to test the door one last time. Thank goodness you guys are safe and sound!

  5. Jag blir rädd bara av att läsa det! Vilken tur att det slutade väl och att ni har rådiga grannar.

    Och nu undrar jag också. Vad gör egentligen Bookie i Korea hela tiden 🙂

    Och så såg jag att du varit i Stockholm. Kan man inte få fika med dig nästa gång… Jag kan dock verkligen föreställa mig det späckade schemat. Men någon gång kanske… Visst vore det kul?!

  6. Men JÖSSES vad ni sover hårt! Jag är glad att den jäkeln inte kom in. Er granne bör få en sån där dagens ros-annons i tidningen. Eller nåt. ;0)

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