Vince is feeling a bit better – first off.

Second. I just had a SHI**Y customer in. Her kid, 4.5 year old carried around the little mini-chair I have in the store for the kids to sit in when they try on the shoes. I asked him to be careful. What does he do?

Broke the bone of it. That is a €250 miniature leather chair my friends.
I was pissed, and asked the mom for her name and phone number and I asked if they had home insurance… Sucks for her, she is paying for it…

6 Responses

  1. Svooooordoooomar och runda ord i massor. 😦

  2. Vad bra att du fann dig. Vilken liten skitunge 😉

    Skönt att Vince mår bättre.

  3. Fast det berodde säkert på mamman.

  4. GOOD FOR YOU! After the day I have had I am reading your posts ( catching up on several days worth actually) and feeling for you. UGH.

    Sean is traveling as well and dare I say it , for the 1st time we are all w.e.l.l. So here is hoping that Vince feels better soon as well. We just had the big bags and cough/cold yuck stuff last week 😦

    Thinking of you all,


  5. BTW, what is it with HAIRCUTS and our boys??!! Gggrrr.

  6. Jadu, det kan bli dyrt för föräldrar som inte vet hur man ska uppfostra sina barn…

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