Seriously – GAH

It never fails. The correlation of Bookie going to Korea and Vince getting sick is pretty much 1:1. I mean, the kid is too young to fake it, and he most likely needs some stuff to get him jump started off this cold that hit him faster than lightning. I thought he was a bit snuffed and coughing this morning, I told them at day care and had the baby sitter pick him up extra early. Yep. Runny nose, dry cough and the bags under his eyes are huge. I am guessing a sinus infection. We just got rid of pink eye over the weekend (after I had successfully begged my way to a antibiotic eye drop without a prescription from a 24 hour pharmacy).

Anyways, he is eating, and drinking, and as we have the BEST pediatric in the world, she is dropping by when she gets off work. Originally the plan was for us to go over to her office, and I just called every 45 min to see how many were waiting. But now Vince fell asleep and the nurse just told me she will tell the doctor to stop by our home on the way home, it is on the way anyways. Wow. I can’t not thank my lucky stars enough for her.

As for the son:


He is a sleep on the couch 6 feet away.
The puzzle of tomorrow, and who is working where, and who is home when with him is solved. Thursday is pretty much set too. Wow. Never a dull day around here.

6 Responses

  1. Oh, no!

    He looks so sweet, but so not like super-energy-man there. It’s sad when they’re not feeling well.

  2. Vilken otur. IGEN! Tur att de små rackarna sover mycket när de är sjuka… Krya på honom från oss!

  3. Jag tror nästan att det är psykist det där att han blir sjuk varje gång. Liam blir inte sjuk när Matt åker bort, men han sover jättedåligt de första nätterna vi är själva. Hoppas att han kryar på sig snart igen. Krama honom från Liam och Melia, och mig också så klart!

  4. poor vince… he may be sick but he looks like a sweet sleeping prince!!!

  5. Oh, gute Besserung dem süssen Prinzen.
    hoffe das wir keine windpocken mit nach stockholm gebracht haben und du sie mit nach graz genommen hast.
    wir werden es sehen, in ca. 2 wochen. sorry…

  6. I’m sorry he’s sick again! Get better soon!

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