Stockholm etc

Was a lot of fun. Just a short trip, but I still managed to squeeze in a lunch with Tobbe, whom I had not seen since I left Honolulu in 1997, the Muffin Bakery with fab Emma and Anna, brother and family, meetings and shopping with new found friend Franziska. Just a tiny fortune was spent on clothes – all for the Prince.

Tore and Ingrid had grown SO big and were a lot of fun. I was playing memory with Ingrid, and was thinking I was going to let her win. She ended up beating me every.single.time. I even tried to win. The mind of a 5.5 year old clearly outdoes the one of a 31 year old.


Now I am back in Austria again. I flew in on Saturday evening and Bookie left Sunday afternoon for a trip to China/Korea.

Today I had to call a lady about day care for Vince. Bookie said I should go there tomorrow afternoon, but I wanted to know what afternoon is in Austrian time reference. Seriously, I never met someone as non-time-precise as the Austrians.
So I called her up, and she was in a meeting. I asked the lady who answered to take a message that she should call me back. When she asked for my name I said Frau Bretter, as it just complicates it to say Frau Molin when Vince has another last name.
Anyways, the lady said:
-Frau Pretzel?
-Ja, Pretzel?
– Öhhh, no B-R-E-T-T-E-R [me spelling]
-Can you spell that please?
– It is just like WOOD PANELS (Bretter in German)

Then comes my favorite part, that I still not get after almost 3 years in this country.

-Do you spell that with a soft P or a hard P?

Apparently there are soft/hard D’s (D and T somehow)  and G’s (G and K I think)  too??? I never get which is what, so in the end I think she still had me down for Fr Pretzel. Never mind, the right lady did call me back.

We also attempted a hair cut on the son today.
Partial success, not so bad this time. It took: 1 twix, 1 juice box, gold fish crackers, the portable DVD and the movie Toy Story being on to get front, one side and back done. He looks a tad skaterish/punkish with one side very long… Hopefully we can take that next week when I rescheduled.

3 Responses

  1. You make me laugh. Everything from taking a quick trip to Stockholm – my equivalent of going to Toledo, Ohio I suppose (but it sounds so much more fun when you do it) to the unending need for distractions for a mere haircut. Imagine what if adult women needed that for a hair color/cut? Anyway, I love reading your updates!

  2. I have an oral exam today – and I am desperate now for a question with word that is spelled with a hard or soft “P”!!! Because: if that happens, I am gonna break down and laugh so hard – afterwards I probably will have to explain why I am laughing – doing so will take at least 10 minutes – and one third of the time for the exam is used up. Great 🙂
    From now on, I will look differently at City names in Austria like Kraz, Salzpurg, Innspruck or Dirol 🙂

  3. Samma sak med p och b på spanska. Glömmer aldrig när jag skulle bokstavera “boat”. Ack och ve.
    Barnen är galet lika Johan!

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