Road Map to Holland

I just finished reading Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg.

I actually am not that into reading books about DS. I was very skeptical about the Memory Keeper’s Daughter and I was skeptical about Road Map. When we first found out Vince had DS, I got so annoyed with all those happy-go-lucky DS families who were doing just fine. They did not get ME. I would NEVER be like that, I HATED DS. It hurt my head just to think about a third chromosome and it made me dizzy.

Well. That fab Jennifer sent me a copy, so I kind of had to read it 😉
And I am not disappointed. Her book is very well written, and opposed to what I thought, she – out of all people – her, that one with the Pinwheels Blog???? one of the first blogs I found after Vince was born??? she was not happy as a lark from the get go!
I love how honest the book is. I recognized myself on almost every page. Feelings that came out of nowhere, thoughts that would help no one and knowing that people felt sorry for you.
Some of the things were hard to read, it was like jumping on a time travel machine and I was back in the summer of 2006 when all this was so new and circling my head.
A lot of times I wish that I could explain to everyone who has not experienced it that feeling, of falling and knowing nothing can stop you, the diagnose brought me at first. The book does an excellent job of that. I would recommend it to parents of children with DS, but actually even more to people without children with DS. I think it is just amazing how clearly Jen touches on exactly the feelings that I wish someone just understood.

If you google something like: my friend had a baby with DS, help they got a DS baby, my friend is so sad she had a baby with DS, etc this is my tip: Pick up Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg and read it! Don’t give it to your friend yet, YOU read it, and then you call her up [after of course congratulating them to the baby in the first place].

It took me a couple of months to be fine with the diagnose of my Prince. I feel we are a pretty normal family as normal as we could be at least. I do not love DS, but I far from hate it. It kind of warms my heart seeing people around with an extra chromosome. It does not scare me, and I seldom worry about the future. And I was so sure, I was not going to be one of ‘those’ moms!

Thanks again for the book Jen!

11 Responses

  1. Utan att ha läst boken känns det ändå som om du har beskrivit mina egna känslor. Jag ska nog ta och leta rätt på den jag också. Stora kramen!

  2. Precis så kände jag när jag läst den! Tror jag bloggade om det i våras. Det är en tänkvärd bok. Kramar

  3. Hi Christina, die Gründe, die du nennst nichts mehr über DS zu lesen, kommen mir sehr bekannt vor.. Ich weiß von dem Buch natürlich auch, denn es wird ja immer wieder empfohlen, aber bisher war der Drang es zu lesen nicht sonderlich groß.. vielleicht mache ich das jetzt und lasse es dann in der Verwandtschaft kursieren.. Danke für den Beitrag! LG, Julia

  4. I am stopping by to let you know you have received an award on Miss E’s blog! Stop by to see!!

  5. I loved that book too! And good minds think alike because I also gave you an award today, LOL!

  6. Klok som en bok som vanligt älskling!

  7. Great post. I’m right there with you. And you’re right, it was a wonderful book. Should be required reading for everyone!

  8. I know I already commented on this post, but I wanted to let you know about the T21 Travelling Afghan Project! I hope you will consider participating and I would appreciate it if you could help spread the word! Thanks!

  9. Oh my, thank you for reading my book and thank you for writing about it here, for sharing your thoughts and feelings about it, and especially, thank you for understanding exactly how I felt, what it meant to me, and why I wrote about it.

    I had to laugh! Because I thought you’d maybe not like it just for the very reasons you DO like it…

    Thank you, again, and thank you for all the work you do on behalf of our kids with DS, and mostly, thank you for being your fabulous self!


  10. I totally agree with Jennifer (above); thanks for being your fabulous self! You are my true hero. Loooove.

  11. I’ve never been here before, but saw your comment on Pinwheels that you had reviewed her book and wanted to come see what someone else thought.

    Because of our son’s heart problems, we really didn’t care about Ds at first. Having a lifespan of 7 years max was way more worrisome than an extra chromosome. But just like you I kept saying, “YES!” the whole time I was reading her book. Amazing how different yet the same our paths can be.

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