Bla Bla bla

Vince was having some tummy issues (think wash EVERYTHING including cover and pillow type of thing), but only once a day and only at day care 🙂 He is now feeling fine, and he still has gained enough weight so the Dr was happy. Me too.

Vince and I walked to day care this morning. It is not so far, but for a little guy with small legs it is still an adventure. And he is not too fond of  holding hands either, so it included a few melt downs on the way. I think we will try it again tomorrow if it does not rain.

On Thursday I am flying to Sweden (Stockholm) for a super short visit/meeting type of thing. Time is flying and THANKFULLY the winds turned and we now have springish weather (Medeterranean winds instead of Alp-winds). All the snow is finally gone!

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  1. Åh-lyllos er..här vräker snöregnet ner..Skönt att V frisknat på sig lite…och om jag inte sagt det förut-vilken sötis han är i Viking bodyn. Vad tror ni om sista söndagen i feb för besök?

    Har nedräkning tills jag åker hem till Sverige på en kortis i början på mars-längtar…

    Ha det så bra så länge!
    Kram från Wien

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