The Fake Collar (Fuskpolon)

Growing up you get all these fantastic ideas (you think) about what you will or will not do as a parent. Clearly, along with I believe the rest of the Swedish generation I am in, the FUSKPOLO (the fake collar) was something that was going to be a big no-no- NO! Was there anything more annoying than having to put that thing on?
Well. Things change. The snow keeps falling and falling. And Vince has a pretty short neck, so what comes in more handy then a – you got it – fuskpolo…

Outside this morning…

So far so good

Now he gets it… (Also proof my kid is NOT happy all the time)

9 Responses

  1. Men vännen! Berätta vad du än gör inte att det är JAG som försett dig med den.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUMOR! Men stackars, stackars Vince… Tur att det var en SNYGG fuskpolo iaf. Mina päron hade (och har tyvärr fortf) ingen som helst smak utan där köpte man det som var bra och prisvärt. Design kom typ vääääldigt långt ner på priolistan…

  3. That is SO funny. Here, we call them dickies!

  4. Även jag svor dyrt och heligt att mina barn skulle insann ALDRIG ha någon vidrig fuskpolo. Nu ligger det en röd och en blå nere i “Mössor-och-vantarlådan”

  5. I totally understand. My most recent “I will never do that when I have kids” moment…opening up cookies from the Wal-Mart shelf for a hungry boy while shopping!! I sealed them up and paid for them when it was time to go!

  6. Världens kanske konstigaste och fulaste plagg! Men praktiskt.
    Du har en utmaning hos mig eftersom jag vet att du gillar böcker. Kram

  7. Hee hee. Maybe he just doesn’t understand that warmth comes before fashion sometimes!! Happy or not, he’s still adorable!!

  8. Men han är sååå söööt i sin fuskpolo! Förstod han inte det? 🙂

  9. lol…lol…lol

    I NEVER thought I would see the “fake collar” again – I think I convinced myself that it was a early ’80’s thing!!!!!

    Love it!

    How is V feeling? he looks handsome as ever. That BLONDE hair kills me! Just beautiful!

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