Guess Who Is Getting Glasses?



And if you have ANY tip on how we might get him to keep them on – please feel free to leave a comment 😉

8 Responses

  1. It’s not enough to be cute? He has to look distinguished too??

  2. He is going to look distinguished, that’s true. (Pardon my husband..he’s jealous that Vince is such a superstar!! :o)

    We’ve been blessed that Braska leaves hers on very well, and I think it’s all about the fact that she can see so much better with them. I can say this, we’ve seen alot of people try to use a strap around the back of the head for their kids, to help keep them on, and it never works. It seems to further annoy them. It generally helps to do busy things the first few times he wears them… watching Signing Time!, reading, keeping hands busy (or even held a little) in order to keep them from grabbing and giving time to adjust to what they’re seeing. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to see him with his specs!

  3. I hope he keeps them on all on his own! It does take some adjustment time! Miss E likes to hide hers! Good luck! He will be even more stunning than he is now!

  4. The only thing I can suggest is super glue. 😉

  5. its been a struggle. mayson has had glasses since she was 10 months old…. she goes in spurts. I think what you have to do is just be consistant with keeping them on!!!! he will look adorable in them!!
    we get our glasses at they are made for kids with DS and fit great!!!

  6. Do you know about specs4us?

  7. Rustin has worn glasses sinces he was about a year old and we have had both kinds and have had the opposite conclusion. The ones with the strap work best for him. He hated the wire frame and would never keep them on and does much better w/the strap and they help from keeping them from sliding down his nose. Good Luck! I think every kiddo is different!

  8. We had a hard time shopping for kids frames.

    We have been happy with Como Baby frames which have a soft knit strap. Our child(T21) is almost 3 and now the larger frame size is needed for frontal frame width, though the lenses do seem large. We also ordered extra straps from carries these. They also have their own line of plastic frames which we did try and their frame did not have firm enough plastic to prevent to frame from bending accross the front/face when worn.

    Mostly she keeps the frames on, we think the strap helps, and we have not needed to spend time getting frames adjusted with an active kid.

    We have heard tell of nose piece bits being bitten off of other frames and are glad we have not been down that road

    Best wishes.

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