Speech Therapy

We have been told to practice the letters Vince knows, for example in the car. Like BOBOBO, BABABA, BIBIBI, BUBUBU etc. So with that in mind:
Conversation in the car between me and Vince:

Me: Say BOLL (ball in Swedish)
Me: Say BOB (Bob the Builder)
Vince: BOOOOOOB (not boob just a long ahhh sound in there)
Me: Say BIL (Swedish for car)
Vince thinks and then says: CAR (in English)

11 Responses

  1. So Smart!!!

  2. Fantastiskt, vilken smart kille!

  3. Love it! 🙂

  4. Go kommentar från prinsen!

  5. LOL! Love it – Smart little guy! Who said not to teach several languages to our men.?!

  6. Gullefnutte!!!

  7. WTG Vince – what a smarty pants you are!!! LOVE IT!

  8. Som sagt, de är mycket smartare än man tror de där småttingarna!

  9. Like when Xerxes reads in swedish:

    g-u-l, yellow!


  10. echt super!

  11. Hi Christina,
    I love your blog…My mother-in-law (Karin Molin) sent me the link. It is wonderful.
    By the way, Lilly has been wearing her pink shoes you got her (made by Vincent). I absolutely love them. I get more compliments on them and Americans want to know where I got them. Thank you!!!
    Katie Molin

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