We went back to the Dr on Wednesday, but in the end we did not do the allergy test. They needed blood for that. Like a few pipes. Vince has in 12 days gained 500g and grown 1 cm. His belly is a lot softer and not as swollen. We have stopped giving him milk to drink. He would drink at least 500 ml a day before and now he gets fresh pressed apple juice or water. The Dr was happy and she knows we check him, so there was no need of going through the drama of getting blood drawn. In 3 months we are doing all his check ups anyways. The blood tests we had done in mid December (unfortunately lactose, glucose. fructose was not tested then) showed that his vitamins and minerals were in a perfect order so absolutely nothing to worry about. So we will continue to stay off milk/yogurt for a little longer and then we will add those tests to the next regular test date.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been following your blog for a little while and thought this would be a good time to delurk.
    My little girl’s gastroenterologist diagnosed her with a milk protein intolerance even though the allergy blood test came back negative. He said they are very inaccurate and the best way to find an allergy is through elimination.
    Glad to see Vince is feeling better.

  2. Skönt att Prinsen mår bättre. Kram på er!

  3. Oh I am so happy to read that he feels better! I can not remember if I told you but Sam had trouble with milk also so I switched him about a year ago to soy. Have you tried soy milk / products?
    After Christmas I gave him some full milk again and we started with the runny nose, red cheeks and got sick so I immediately pulled him off and went back to soy… I do not think there is much milk anymore in milk after all the stuff it goes through…

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