Relaxing Sunday

We decided to go up to have an easy day yesterday and went to B’s parents. I snuck in a 1.5 hr bath and also napped for a good 2 hours. Bookie’s dad was not home when we first got there, and when he came back I so wished I had had my camera ready. When Vince saw him he could not help but clap his hands for you and ran up to him so Opa could lift him up. It was a def Kodak moment.

Oma had MADE donuts with apricot filling. Fit Sir Vs wishes perfectly.


I also got a chance to do some day time reading. So far I am loving the book. I would recommend it to anyone, not only DS people. (The book is Road Map to Holand By Jennifer Graf Groneberg)

We also ventured out for a bit. Vince stayed around Opa as usual.

Cows. Vincent says both COW and KUH/KO in words 🙂

Other Vincent news:
When with me Vincent says CAR and around the Austrian/German speaking he says AUTO. He also learned, per the STs wishes to blow out a candle. Moving up to the next lip exercise. I am following Sari’s advice and we are buying peanut butter to place on his upper lip for him to lick off. This will teach him to move his tongue upward, and work the L sound.

7 Responses

  1. Låter som en uuunderbar söndag för hela familjen!


  2. Thos first two pictures could be in a book! And I love the one of you and V too! Lucky you with the bath and the nap!!!!!

    And I want a donut! 🙂

  3. He is so sweet and getting so big!!

  4. Vad är det med morfar/farfar-personer som är så speciellt? Alla barn tycks dras till dom som små magneter! Gulligt är dte iaf, och jag är säker på att Opa njuter lika mycket som Vince.

  5. Oh, my! I came by for beautiful pictures of the Prince and then I saw the one of you and him and my book…it made me cry! I felt as if I were (almost) there and that made me so happy!

    Thank you for reading my book!


  6. Vilken härlig bild av Vincent med farmors donut! Jag la den omedelbart som skrivbordsunderlägg på jobbdatorn!


  7. He is such a beautiful boy! (and man does that donut look good) Seeing him makes me smile and it’s fun reading about your adventures.

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