Why Working Saturdays sucks…



7 Responses

  1. *SOB* I’m At work right now too!

    And MY boys are at home Snuggled in bed napping I’m sure. I worked till midnight last night and had to be back here this morning at 8. I wasn’t able to get to sleep till 2 am and Bean was up at 2:50 then again at 5:30 so I didt really have the best sleep. I’m drinking coffee and Cola and I’m still running out of steam. 2 more hours 2 more hours 2 more hours!

  2. ..just so sweet….

  3. Awe….sweet times.

  4. so sweet…

  5. jag förstår dig…..
    gud va mysigt….

  6. Åh, fint! Blir alldeles varm inombords.

  7. About the anxiety thing: Ramona had the same thing just a couple of months before she turned three. The peak (lying beside her until she fell asleep, nightly weak-ups, sleeping in our bed, etc.) lasted around two weeks. It did get better, however she kinda got used to the lying beside her…

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