Tests Next Week

Vince is doing fine now, his stomach is relatively OK except for the huge swollen Buddha belly. We have an appointment next Tuesday to look at what type of allergy we might have. Fructose, lactose and glucose – one of those are what we are guessing.

At the same time Vince is having a HUGE separation anxiety thing going on. He will not fall asleep in his bed, and if he does he wakes up one zillion times per night, till I cave in and take him into our bed where he then wants to sleep nose to nose with me and holding on to one thumb and one pinkie finger. It is cute for about 2 min, then all you want to do is get some space and preferably move your hand a bit. I am hoping as usual it is just a phase…

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  1. Naaw, lilla trollet. Men såna faser kommer de väl i lite titt som mellan, va? Det går säkert snart över och när han är 15 och tycker du är pest så kommer du sakna det! ;0)

  2. Skönt att han mår bättre! Elsan är inne i en liknande fas just nu. Sedan vi flyttade (säkert en kombination mellan separationsångest och flytt) vaknar hon mååånga gånger varje natt och är ledsen. Man stoppar om och stoppar om tills man inte orkar mer och till slut tar henne och lägger sig i storebrors säng (storebror ligger redan i vår eftersom han vaknat av Elsa). Så nattvandring hör till de vanliga nattliga aktiviteterna i vår familj just nu. Men vi intalar oss att det är en fas, det är en fas, det är en fas om och om igen.

  3. Skönt för oss att höra att Vincet nu är bättre.
    puss & kram mamma/ mormor

  4. hey- livia is going through the same phase! i’m getting so used to the patter-patter of her feet walking back to our room in the middle of the night, sometimes i barely sleep cause i think i keep hearing her coming… or no sleep cause i’m afraid we’ll roll over her when she stays… take care!

  5. we’re dealing with sleep issues, too! Must be a little known part of Ds! I am glad that the Prince is feeling better and i’m really enjoying your blog!

  6. He He He! If you get tired of him, Send him my way! I’d Cuddle with Prince Charming ANY DAY! *whistles*

    My lil guy is having sleep issues lately too. He has sleep apnea and he is stuffed up from a cold, And to top it all off he is breaking his first tooth! So, Needless to say, he and I don’t sleep for LONG periods of time lately. And I can’t sleep with him in the bed because my mother instinct it too wacky and I can not fall asleep if he is in the bed with me and hubby. Something just wont let me fall asleep till he is back safe and snuggled in his own bed. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    Sseh and Bean

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