We have 3 hours to drink a 400 ml cocktail, otherwise we are heading to the all inclusive suite at the hospital for the weekend.

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  1. Håller tummarna för att ni ska få vara hemma i helgen! Kram

  2. Åh, lycka till vännen! Tänker på er!

  3. Usch vad tufft för V och mammahjärtat..lät inget vidare vad du beskrev och hoppas V får i sig drinken..
    Håller tummarna för er!

  4. Hang in there Christina!
    Have you tried probiotics? With all the antibiotics and meds Sam was on, his poor stomach was upside down as well – had a little Buddha belly going on.. so for the last 6weeks+ I have given him some good probiotics and he feels MUCH better. I will send you the info if you want.

    Thinking of you guys and good luck with the “cocktail”. Ugh.

  5. Alles Gute und rasche Besserung für Vincent!
    Wir haben damals Flüssigkeit (Normolyt) mit einer Spritze in den Mund gespritzt, weil Felix nichts mehr essen und trinken wollte….

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien,

  6. Oh, no. That does not sound like the kind of all-inclusive suite anyone wants to go to. I hope he feels better soon.

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