of writing about the things I learned yesterday while talking to the ergo therapist, or of writing about my thoughts on Speech which has been pondering my mind for a few months and instead of writing about Vince new word (oral).. We are heading to the Dr. If we just did not have the Celiac confirmed as a NO a few months ago I’d swear he had Celiac. He has lost about 1,5 kg the last few weeks and we just can’t get a hold of his tummy. Constipated – too loose. And the legs and arms are really skinny. His knees are larger than his thighs. And even though you could argue genetics on mom’s side for his non-flat stomach, it just does not look good. He has a balloon tummy, hard as a rock HUGE in comparison to the rest of his body (mom is more proportionate)… So wish us luck.

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