Weinebene, Styria, Austria

That is where we went today to play in the snow. The weather was amazing, but cold, so we did not stay more than half the day.







He still loves the combat style crawling in the snow the best;)

9 Responses

  1. Wow…what gorgeous views! Scenery AND family, that is. :o) Makes me ready to get some snow!!!

  2. vi vill komma o bo hos er! puss.

  3. Å vad jag blir avis då! Puss på er!

  4. Christina, he is seriously sooo cute. I think him and Rhett would get along so well together.

    Too bad they’re a half a world away. 😉

    Hey, don’t worry about the shoes, seriously. You’re fine. Trust me, I know how busy things get. I can’t even keep my head on straight half the time!!

    Give Mr. Vince a huge hug from me okay?

    Pam and Rhett

  5. Wunderschöne Bilder, und Vince sieht so gesund und zufrieden aus!
    Danke fürs zeigen!

  6. That looks like so much fun.

  7. That looks like so much fun!!

  8. Happy New Year! I loved all of your holiday pictures. You are a great resource for my kids to see Christmas in other parts of the world.

    Hugs to Vince from Will!

  9. Wow – this is definitely paradise!!!! You guys are just LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!! Big kiss for my little Prince!!!

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