Still here…

… just a tad overwhelmed. With work, life and all that other good stuff.
And I decided back in November to be creative with the day care/therapist gifts this year. Guess who has been sitting here tying ribbons etc for ever? Yeah, that would be me. A few more to go and I am done!

And B is in Korea this week. And that got rescheduled, but I did not want to cancel all Vincent’s stuff (therapies) so it feels like I am running at full speed getting nothing done right. Can’t wait to have a few days off next week!

2 Responses

  1. Must be in the air…. I’ve been overwhelmed too! HUGS!

  2. Oh i feel you though I have chosen the easy route this year I am afraid..(bad Sari)

    Your gifts will be beautiful! And sincerely from the heart!

    You do such an incredible job multitasking C! If I could I would toast a glass of wine with you to the hectic days, our precious children, the many appointments and scheduled we keep and the new year just around the corner. Take a deep breath friend- and know you are all thought of dearly across the ocean. God (Gott?) Jule!

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