Those Eyes

The good thing was that the Dr there was very nice and very good. The bad thing is that we did not get to do a lot of examination stuff. Vince seems to have good sight, but he is apparently crossing his left eye sometime (I never noticed, but hey, they are the experts). If it does not get better we need a pirate’s patch for his eye or maybe glasses. New check up in 6 mo.

Then came the dropping in the eye… That went relatively OK. Vince then screamed for over 30 min. He would not calm down at all; he bit me, hit me, pulled my hair and screamed… No fun. I could not calm him down. I tried ALL the tricks. Including buying him his own Diet Coke. Nothing worked. Needless to say, there was NO chance to get a glance in his eyes (here is where he hit the eye dr…) so we got a new time in February.
He fell a sleep after 1 min in the car.

On a  good note, Happy Lucia wishes Vincent and his lussebulle (that would be that yellow thing)
Vince doing his camera smile (note: Vince fell and hit his eye the other day… He is not naturally green there…)

Multi-tasking: eating AND watching TV.

3 Responses

  1. Hallo, ich schaue seit einiger Zeit immer wieder mal bei Euch vorbei – hoffe, das ist o.k. für Euch!
    Darf ich Euch in unserem blog verlinken?

    Ich hoffe, unser Felix wird mal so toll wie Vincent 😉
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Jösses, han har en stark vilja, den lille mannen… Vem har han ärvt det från, månntro? ;0)

  3. We went in November…pretty much same reaction. I did not think the MD was ever going to get a look at Jack’s eyes! We were all wore out after that appointment. Thank Lord we do not go back until May.
    Glad appointment went good and if he does have to wear a patch he will look so darn cute in it!

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