The stomach bug hit again. Mommy was hit the hardest, son second place and father so far – the least. But the week is not over yet.

Tomorrow we are heading to the eye clinic for an eye exam for Vince. I am ditching the mean-o eye-man and heading to the hospitals instead… Hopefully they are a bit friendlier.

In 0ther news a lot has happened, but I am to tired to blog about it but in short:

  • Vince was a pin in the b**t yesterday. He was sent to his room twice, at which he actually responds well (i.e stopped hitting mom in the face and stopped throwing food when he came back to the table)
  • We will have to down size of the advent calender next year, the chocolate deal is turning into a HORROR. The kid stands below the shelf where the Kinder Egg calender is tucked away high and screams, sobs, pleads, begs for chocolate till one of the parent can’t take it anymore and gives him some. Due to the holiday at the hospital we are a few days behind still
  • The mother in the family just got yelled at by St. Nick himself… She would have none of it though and sent him on to the Shopping malls office. He screwed up for NOT showing up on said times in my store last week. Twice. St. Nick is not as friendly as you may think… Seriously he does use foul words and I am suspecting a bit of a drinking issue.
  • If Signing Timesis said to reduce the terrible 2’s tantrums, I am very glad we have Signing Times… Tantrums would be B-A-D if they were any worse… nough said.

4 Responses

  1. It’s going around…. grouchy 2-year-olds, I mean. :o) Hope the bug leaves your house soon!!

  2. We switched from chocolate advent calendars to a felt calendar with little pockets. Each night before bed a little message is found — a note from Santa’s elf. He says things like: “Santa received your wish list” or “The Reindeer would like you to leave them a carrot on Christmas eve.” Just something simple for the child to think about when going to sleep. You might want to try it next year.

  3. Hahahaha! Kanske inte så roligt just då men tänk att du fått skäll av tomten! Inga klappar åt dig i år kan man tänka. Hoppas att ni mår bättre och att Vincent lugnar ner sig på chokladfronten. Puss

  4. Instämmer med Emma. Det var säkert inte kul då, men det låter faktiskt ganska crazy att du blev utskälld av en full tomte. Hahaha!

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