We got to come home today. Vince was doing so good with the inhaling that they let us go. He started throwing up ( everything and a lot) yesterday, but that seems unrelated and he ate and drank without issues today. We were sent to the lab late last night to check for any nasty viruses, but luckily none was found. So we are back home.

The pseudo croup was scary enough, but it was actually an obstructive bronchitis that kept him there. Basically it is sort of a cramping of the air ways. And the combo with the croup just made it even worse. But he is a champ that charmed the nurses and his room mates and acted pretty unconcerned as long as he got his way.

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  1. Glad to hear he is improving and you are back home! My oldest son has fought bronchitis several times and it IS scary! Combined with croup must make it even more frightening. I will keep your little Prince in my thoughts.

  2. It’s good to know that Vince recovered that quickly. He is an amazingly tough guy, and I’m sure mom will do fine soon again. Best wishes from Ramona, who is always keen about your pics and videos….

  3. Skönt att ni fått komma hem igen. Hoppas prinsen får hålla sig frisk nu bara.

  4. yay! Welcome home~!

  5. Skönt att ni fick komma hem, inte roligt att vara på sjukhus längre än man absolut måste. Kram!

  6. Just logged on for the 1st time in days and saw your posts! Your days have been full and scary- I am so glad to hear that Vince is back home! Thinking of you all and hoping you get lots of rest and Vince continues to heal.

  7. Na, das klingt ja schon wieder wesentlich besser! Gott sei Dank hatte der tapfere Vincent keinen zusätzlichen Infekt und dass ihr nun wieder zu Hause seid!
    Weiterhin eine gute Besserung dem süßen, charmanten Kerlchen!
    Liebe Grüße und bis bald

  8. Es wird nie “langweilig”, oder?! Einen fleißigen Nikolaus für euch drei!

    LG, Julia & Jungs

  9. here’s to things getting better and better… take care! tekeal

  10. I found you blog through parker’s blog and I’m glad I stoped by. You are beautiful. Your son is beautiful. I love your site!

  11. Hurra!

  12. Usch-stackars Vincent och ma/pa..Pseudokrupp är ej roligt-har åkt in 3 ggr med ambulans och Gustaf för inhalationer..otäckt är det med allt slem och hosta..

    Vi är nu på plats i wien men tyvärr åkte vi med tråkigt besked..min tumör är kvar och växer så nu väntar vi på besked från Umeå vad som ska hända..Kul!Vi trodde vi skulle få börja leva som en “normal” familj nu när vår lilla dotter är här..

    Kram Mia

  13. Åh va skönt att höra!! Många kramar till er från mig

  14. Åh va skönt att höra!! Många kramar till er från mig

  15. Konstigt…Har precis kommit tillbaka efter en vecka på sjukhuset med J , verkar som varenda DS relaterad mammabloggare har haft sina små sjuka denna vecka.

  16. So glad, he’s doing better now!!!! Please give him a big huge hug and kiss from us and tell him, Juliana also had a bad Pseudo-Krupp last year and a trip in the ambulance (which she now finds pretty exciting 😉 to the hospital …. Thinking of you guys a lot!!!!!

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