Things were going so well…

… then I got a call from the nurse at Vince Dr’s office yesterday. Vince and Bookie were on the way in an ambulance to the hospital…
Vince got a fever Sunday night, and on Monday we went to the Dr’s as we had a question about a rash too. He was fine, just the fever. Yesterday, he started to dry cough, and as Bookie was home he took him back to the Drs again. That is when Vince really started coughing, freaked and could not get any air. So ambulance it was.
I dropped everything in the store and sped towards the hospital. I got there in not too long timde, despite of the rush hour traffic. When I got there, and was shown to the room where Vince and B were, a gang of doctors were standing around Vince. When he saw me I swept him up and he was able to calm down a bit, but still dry heaving. Pseudo croup and bronchitis was the verdict.
He was doing pretty well with the inhaling and just an hour later he was fine playing with the kids he shared room with. He was very excited that the 4 year old boy and girl wanted to watch Toy Story with him, and he even shared his snacks.

I spent the night with him, and Bookie is there for the first shift today. They want him to inhale the medicine every 4 hours, and here it is standard with at least 2 nights with croup. So we are staying put at least till tomorrow. The little champ is having fun and is recovering really well. The mom however, is still in chock…

Newest update: 3-14 days stay (from today) in the all inclusive suite at the University hospital. Fun. B is going to Korea on Sunday…

15 Responses

  1. Oh poor Vince! And poor mama! Sending all my get-well-soon vibes to hope for a speedy recovery. Give him a big cuddle from me!

  2. Nejmen detta var väl onödigt..
    Hoppas att vistelsen blir så kort som möjligt.
    Ge honom många “bli frisk snabbt” kramar. Skickar några till mamma också som antagligen behöver det nästan mer. Kram kram

  3. Schicken Vince die besten Grüße und gute Besserung. lg, Sabine+Letizia

  4. Skickar många styrkekramar till mamma, pappa och lill-prinsen!

  5. Usch, falsk krupp är inget vidare. Hoppas Vince kryar på sig och får med sig bra mediciner hem så ni slipper “All-inclusive” igen. Victors syskon har båda haft falsk krupp ända upp i 5-årsåldern.

    PS. I medicinväg är Bricanyl bäst, sen kommer Ventoline, Salbuvent och Sir Ephedrin.

  6. Men stackars lille snutten då, och hans mamma. Hoppas han blir bättre snart. Inget vidare kul att vara sjuk, men han verkar ju ha roligt med sina nyfunna kompisar iaf.

  7. Ah! How scary! But I’m glad to hear that he is doing so much better.

    Sending lots and lots of hugs!

  8. Oh, no! I hope he feels better very soon. That’s scary.

    And I hope you get some rest. I wish I could swoop over and help.

  9. Fina Vince. Krya på dig. Kickidarling, du är den coolaste jag vet. Stor kram

  10. Oh no! I hope he is feeling better and that the stay is closer to 3 days and not nearly as long as possible. Get better prince!

  11. Krya på dig lille Vincent!! Massor av kramar från Linnea med familj

  12. ojoj, hoppas han redan är mycket bättre och att ni slipper allt för många dagar på sjukhuset. det är ju ingen lugn och trevlig miljö direkt. krya på dig kramar från vardagspussel!

  13. I’m so sorry! Croup is a scary thing…Evan gets it a lot, and almost went to the hospital once. I hope Vince gets well very, very soon, and that your stay is more like 3 days instead of 14.

  14. Oh no! That is so scary! I hope he’s getting better and it will be a short stay!!

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